$ 10,000 Reward RE: Possible SF Jesuit Cold Case

$ 10,000  REWARD

For credible information leading to the details of the murder of a sexually abused child near St. Ignatius Catholic Church in San Francisco during the early 1980’s. Several anonymous callers have contacted victims advocate Joey Piscitelli concerning allegations of sexual abuse misconduct by 2 or more catholic priests that reportedly led to the death of a young boy who was given a drink laced with alcohol and/or narcotics.

This information was turned over to San Francisco Homicide 2 years ago. There is no “statute of limitations” on murder. If you know of any incident of sexual misconduct by any priests at that time, or any time, whereas children were given “kool-aid” laced with controlled substances please contact the numbers below.

More than one victim has alleged complaints regarding the transfer of children for sexual purposes by Jesuit priests. More than one victim has alleged that he was given laced kool-aid by priest(s). The Department of Homeland Security has investigated the transfer of children in and out of the USA by Jesuit clergy.

If you know of any priests who traveled interstate, or intercontinental, who transferred children to and from San Francisco that were sexually abused by priests at or near the vicinity of 650 Parker Avenue, SF, or near  St. Ignatius catholic church, please contact the numbers below.

If you are a clergy sex abuse victim, or know of any children who were transferred interstate, or intercontinental by convicted Jesuit priest Fr. Donald McGuire, or any Jesuit priests, please contact the numbers below.


Dept. Homeland Security Investigations:  866-347-2423

San Francisco Police:  415-564-3800

Joey Piscitelli:  925-262-3699


For reward information please contact:

Child Sex Abuse Victims Advocate Joey Piscitelli:   925-262-3699

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8 thoughts on “$ 10,000 Reward RE: Possible SF Jesuit Cold Case

  1. California Jesuits did horrible evil things to many..
    Thanks for doing this Joey. tina

  2. The Jesuits are back in the news again. This time the California Province is being implicated in the death of one of their own, a fellow Jesuit who was sexually abused and forced to live with his abusers at Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Los Gatos. Thanks to the courage and dedication of the Chevedden family the story is finally getting out and hopefully Jim Chevedden’s death will be properly investigated. With the offer of a $5,000 reward for information regarding Jim Chevedden’s mysterious death, the Chevedden family is offering a way out for some Jesuit in the California Province. Here is a chance to come clean, do what Jesus would and get enough for a new start after the Society.

    Anyone with information about Jim Chevedden’s death should contact the family at truthforjim@yahoo.com


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  4. I have already commented on the Voice from the Desert blog:

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  6. Joey,

    It seems at long last you’ve hit gold in exposing the RCC and all its sordid sagas.

    I’ve been following the Boys’ Club in Chicago where every creible blogger will not deal with this issue of murder involving Cardinal Bernardin. Google it and see for yourself. ‘Sfunny how these priests who knew too much kept falling off ladders indoors and how the Alsatian dog who survived the attack went apeshit when he saw the priest’s soutane!!! Lots of questtions – but no answere!!!

  7. I have sent this blog post to two activists, Matt Abbott and Leon Podles. I hope that they can open up some leads so that the perps get caught.


  8. awww. Thanks much for this. I may not be there but know that even if my words are all I have to comfort you at this hard time, my preyars would always be with you and your family. *hugsback*. Don’t be scared to cry, it’s ok not to be strong at this time. But just don’t give it all up. Hope will keep you running

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