Fr. John Malloy, Salesian Molester Shield, Dies

Fr. John Malloy, longtime San Francisco Salesian mouthpiece, known for his adamant shielding of accused Salesian pedophiles, has died.  Malloy was also known for his selective moral stance of defending and harboring clergy molesters, while voicing public bigotry concerning gay equality rights. Fr. Malloy, 91, died on Wednesday March 27, 2013, leaving behind a legacy typical of many Salesian Kingpins – a history of “no see, no hear, no speak” – regarding numerous accused Salesian abuser priests that surrounded him for decades.

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Fox News Thrashes Pagans – Tucker Carlson Says: “Call Me A Bigot”


Tucker Carlson- Fox News


Fox News has arguably disgraced its claim on it’s logo that it is “Fair and balanced”. Tucker Carlson of Fox News publicly and boldly thrashed the Pagan and Wiccan community in a live telecast on February 17th, and stated boldly: “Call me a bigot”.

Carlson was discussing the University of Misouris decision to honor Pagan and Wiccan holidays, and he was apparently appalled that Pagan holidays are recognized by the university. Carlson mocked the Pagan religion for having too many holidays, and was joined in the rant by other Fox News journalists, including Tammy Bruce.

This latest “Witch-hunt” and public insult by Fox News has concerned many in the Pagan community, as the video clearly shows the telecasters had little or no respect for the practitioners of  Paganism, and Wiccans in particular. In addition, the newscasters at Fox displayed a callous disregard for religious equality, prompting outrage by offended and shocked students and practitioners alike.

Carlson stated that “any religion whos sacred day is Halloween can’t be taken seriously.” He then added, “ Call me a bigot”. He further stated “that every Wiccan I have ever known is a compulsive deep dungeons and dragons player, or is a middle aged twice-divorced older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife,” to which the Fox News correspondent added, “and who likes a lot of incense”.

After viewing the Fox News video of the anti-Pagan rant, I would certainly like to  join many other Pagans by obliging Mr. Tucker Carlson:

Yes, Tucker Carlson, you are indeed a bigot, and a very pompous obnoxious one at that – in every sense of the word.

During the clip, Carlson was adamant in adding that: “the bad side of Wiccanism is obviously that it is a form of Witchcraft”.

Fox News Tammy Bruce was also quoted in the report as stating that “Pagans and Wiccans are used… to downgrade what is important to a majority of Americans…. and this is an anti-tradition action …good luck doing that in any other country.”

This latest inaccurate and abrasive broadcast by Fox News has instigated the demands by many petitioners for apologies. However,  many of the observers claim that Fox News has maintained its arrogance, and expect that the network will undoubtedly dismiss the outcry as insignificant.














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Pope Benedict Resigns – Cleaning a Corrupt Syndicate?


Pope Benedict XVI , aka Joseph Ratzinger, announced on February 11th that he would be resigning early as the leader of over a billion Catholics worldwide. The reason for the surprising decision by the pontiff was due to “deterioration, and incapacity”, and “advanced age”, as stated by the Vatican spokesperson in a public announcement.

It has been 600 years since the last resignation of a pope was announced. Some skeptics however, view the unusual move as the result of a culmination of assorted causes of “deterioration”. The Pope and the Vatican have been steeped in numerous scandals ranging from widespread sex abuse scandals and coverups, to money laundering.

Some of the scandals that are suspected of having high impact that have contributed to the deterioration of the empire under Ratzinger are notable, many of them recent. Among them:

– The release of the film Mea Maxima Culpa on HBO Feb 4th , 2013 which documents the involvement of Cardinal Ratzinger, ( Pope Benedict) – who is accused of coverups, and failure to remove sex abuser Father Murphy of Milwaukee School for the Deaf. Fr. Murphy molested and raped 200 pupils over a 24 year period. The Pope was the head of the Vatican Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith at the time, which is the office that is responsible for removing abusive clergy. Ratzinger is accused of hierarchy complicity in several dozen sex abuse cases, whereas the Pontiff himself failed to remove the predator.

– The release of 12,000 internal file documents from the Los Angeles Diocese sex abuse scandal on January 31, 2013. The Catholic Church had fought having to release the files for six years. Thirty thousand files were supposed to be released as part of a settlement agreement with abuse victims 6 years ago, and many of the files – which implicate Bishops and Cardinals and hierarchy figures, have still not been released. Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles, has been implicated in numerous clergy abuse transfers and coverups, many of them while under the jurisdiction of Ratzinger.

– In January 2013, the Italian treasury froze privileges for the Vatican to use Italian banking services because of the breach of money laundering regulations. The Pope hired Swiss money laundering expert Rene Brulhart to help the Vatican with the scandal.

– A lawsuit filed against the Pope in the International Criminal Court in the Hague on September 12, 2011 for “Crimes against humanity, and a longstanding and pervasive system of sexual violence”.

– The withdrawal of the Vaticans  Ambassador to Ireland in July 2011, after Irish Prime Minister Enda Kennedy attacked the Vatican for systematic widespread corruption and sex abuse coverups for the last 16 years. Ireland had historically been a loyal Catholic country, providing many Irish born priests to parishes all over the globe.

– The widespread Catholic sex abuse scandals still rocking the USA, Europe, and Australia. Many of the cases involve the failure to oversee and properly handle the countless complaints against sexual predators by the Pope himself, when he was the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, from 1981 to 2005.

The Diocese of  Los Angeles is expected to release approximately 18,000 more file documents by court order in the very near future. Attorneys for sex abuse victims state that the documents prove more culpability by the Vatican, many of the cases involving the failure of Cardinal Mahony, and other Bishops and hierarchy, and the failure of Pope Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) himself to protect numerous child abuse victims.














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Bank of America Kisses Fannie? – a $10 Billion Illusion

b of a

photo- rueters

Bank of America has announced this week its latest act of supposed public sacrifice; it will pay Fannie Mae $3.6 Billion to buy back loans it “sold” to the US government from 2000 to 2008. As B of A pats itself on the back and CEO Brian Moynihan takes a bow to accept the latest banking award for martyrdom, the banks stock shares actually rose to $12.25.

The bank stated that the buy back and acquisition of the loans will result in the spending of approximately $10 billion dollars.

B of A’s last remarkable and monumental act of suspicious public sacrifice was when it purchased Countrywide Mortgage in 2008. B of A and Countrywide have been entangled in numerous settlements and lawsuits due to questionable mortgage practices, and the dust from the explosion of those documents has still not settled.

In March of 2012, B of A agreed to slash mortgages for 200,000 borrowers, as their part of a $26 Billion dollar settlement with the Attorneys General of 49 states. Other banks involved in that previous settlement were Chase, Wells Fargo, Ally, and Citicorp. At that time, the loans “sold” to Fannie Mae and FHA were not part of the settlement.

However in July of 2012, the bank had previously stated that it had $40 billion tied to faulty loans and foreclosure risk properties, and most of those loans had been unresolved for a lengthy period – many since 2008.

In October of 2012, B of A announced it had approved approximately $16 Billion in customer relief programs under the National Mortgage Settlement, which also improved its share gains on the market. Those relief programs included equity relief, principal forgiveness, and interest rate reduction.

The outstanding principal balance for the recently acquired Fannie Mae loans by B of A  are stated to be an estimated $300 billion. The bank has also agreed to pay an additional $1.3 billion in compensation for Fannies servicing fees. Bank of America  additionally plans to transfer servicing rights to other mortgage servicers this year for about 2 million of those loans. The swapping will continue.

The ping pong game of shuffling hundreds of billions of dollars of faulty loans, and agreements to hundreds of billions in settlements has been staggering. The confusion involving the financial activities of the top 5 banks in the US, has left the average taxpayer in the dark concerning the true condition, and the future effect and outcome of the debacle.

Taking into account that the fed has subsidized Bank of America untold billions of dollars since 2008, the recent settlement by B of A to buy back loans from Fannie Mae seems ludicrous. The transfer of re-swapped loans and bailout money since 2008 appears intentionally confusing, if not deceptive. The real sacrifice is being made by the taxpayers, who bear the task of confronting the impending financial crisis due to the printing of trillions of US dollars used as a crutch.

For B of A, who utilizes its super powers to manipulate, and reinstates its ability to be “too big to fail” and “too big to jail”, it’s consistently a win-win situation.  But there is no Bank that is a hero here; there is only a continued illusion.


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“Politichristian” Platform – Romneys Real Downfall?

Mitt Romney-photo-AP-J.C. Hong

The republican analysts have all scattered by now, saturated with the realization that their Great Mormon Hope was overrated; the reasons why should presently be more than obvious. Shooda-cooda-wooda is no longer a useful program to upload; by now Romneys many roofs have all fallen on his many heads. Romney was even said to have been “shell-shocked”, and was reportedly preparing a victory speech without reservations.

The invasive bug that infiltrated the polls to attack the MITTster may have arguably evolved from the pulpit — aka — the “politichristian” influenced platform.

Politichristian — the word penned today by this author, has had it’s most memorable historic effect on the outcome of what could have been a very close presidential race in 2012.

According to Gallup Polls in December 2011, 78 % of Americans identify themselves with some kind of Christian religion. On the surface, that statistic appears to be a substantial weapon to incorporate with political strategy. However, what the Gallup religious polls didn’t explain was that modern “Christian religious identity” has become more selective than ever in the US. Many who identify themselves as “Christian”, theoretically with proverbial Christian Biblical values — arguably choose and interpret personally what those values really mean. Many simply omit biblical rules and regulations they personally do not practice or agree with — yet they still call themselves Christian. If in fact, that 78% of the estimated Christian population was spread across the voting board — and they had adhered strictly to Biblical doctrine — Romney may have won.

Key issues in point — Romneys stance on abortion, and/or womens choice, and gay marriage; (needless to add his Mormon/Christian views on atheism and freethinking).

But millions of Christians across the US are gay, and believe in pro-choice; despite what the Book says. Not only did the MITTster alienate a large voting population of the LGBT community, young women, atheists, and freethinkers; he most probably alienated millions who sympathize with those voters. Add to that list parents, relatives, friends, spouses, co-workers, advocates and supporters — and the politichristian platform influence crumbled when it came down to voters checking the box.

In contrast, Obama states he is Christian; however he supports gay rights, womens choice, etc, and does not flaunt the politichristian platform. If actions speak louder than words, Obamas Christian biblical interpretation, picking, and choosing may very well be in line with millions of neo-Christian observers today who have veered off the biblical highway. As Obama stated, “I think it is important that we not make faith alone a barometer of a persons worth, value, or character”.

Admittedly Romney alienated a good portion of Hispanic voters — even though they include a large percentage of Catholic-Christian adherents. But again, their Christian values may have been trumped for other Hispanic priorities; the proof is in the final outcome.

As his shell-shock wears off, Romney may or may not reconsider the politichristian platform; but many analysts will ultimately realize that there may be an advantage to leaving religion out of politics — as some very wise founding fathers suggested long ago.




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Fr. Stephen Rossetti And St. Lukes Pedophile-Paradise

Fr. Rossetti -Catholic University of America

The recent articles by Fr. Stephen Rossetti PhD, such as “A New Phase of Child Protection”,  printed in the Washington Post on October 26th – are a lamentable  diversion. They are masking the historic truth about the systematic shielding of clergy pedophiles.

Rev. Rossetti, now a “clinical professor” at the Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C, had the insolence to state: “the steps taken in the last 30 years to prevent the devastating trauma of child sex abuse are making a difference”.

Rossetti of all people, should know better than to boast about clergy child abuse prevention. He was CEO at ground zero; the notorious St. Lukes Institute in Maryland – the Catholic treatment center victims have dubbed “Pedophile-Paradise”.

Ever since the clergy abuse scandal exploded years ago, countless observers have asked this question:

Why weren’t pedophile priests prosecuted and convicted?”

Perhaps they should ask Fr. Stephen Rossetti to open up his secret files for the answer. Dare him to reveal what took place while he was a psychological evaluator, and eventually the CEO at St. Lukes Institute from 1993 to 2009. St. Lukes Institute “treated” hundreds of clergy molesters; I found no records showing they were sent to prosecutors by Rossetti.

The reason why most pedophile priests were not convicted is simple – they weren’t turned in on time – or at all.

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Halloween – Still Defying the World-Order

For centuries, the celebration of Hallowe’en has withstood the opposition of disapproving entities such as religious hierarchy, government officials, and superstitious populace. Currently the ancient holiday is being criticized by a growing number of fundamentalists.

The accuracy of the historic roots of the famed harvest festival are still argued by scholars worldwide; however the origin of the festival is believed by most to have  evolved from pagan tradition. The influence of the ancient Celtic pagan festival known as “Samhain” has been widely accepted as the predecessor to the modern day version of the haunting holiday. Early tradition included the belief that departed souls would visit the living on Hallowe’en night; Christian observance would follow on November 1st – “all saints day”.

Eerily feeding the mortals fascination of breaching the boundary between life and death, Halloween has been glorified by novels, tales, media and cinema. The obsession with the dark festival has manifested its continuous resurrection – despite numerous global adversaries. Some present day Witches, neo-pagans and Wiccans revere the festival of “Samhain – the new year” – as truly spiritual, by honoring the deceased and celebrating the cycle of reincarnation.

The public transformation of Halloween from harvest festival, to honoring the dead, to costume eccentricity has defied controlled order; the festival has now evolved into a commercial holiday rivaling Christmas. Celebrated October 31st,  the holiday continues to evolve and spread worldwide – in further defiance of the increasing pressures from many religious organizations. News stories concerning the Vaticans condemnation of Halloween on October 31, 2009, were later countered by damage control experts deflecting the articles – arguably to prevent alienating youth from church membership.

While the anticipation and exuberance of “trick-or-treating” in costume remains the attraction to millions of children around the globe, the role playing innuendo allows adults to stray from conservatism undaunted. Halloween has surreptitiously regained its pagan fertility; merging fantasy and costumery with sexuality – while honoring the mysterious dark side – feeding on the human instinct.

Although adults have conveniently masqueraded sexuality in an excusable, yet acceptable atmosphere on Halloween, the transformation to erotic Halloween costumery has inundated the teen market as well. Not only have the boundaries between the living and the dead been crossed on Halloween – the religious right has proclaimed that the boundaries for costume guidelines have been crossed even more.

Merging gothic influence, paganism, vampirism, sexuality and occultism together, Hallowe’en may very well have succeeded in pleasing the heathen ghosts from centuries ago – much to the disapproval of conservatives universally.

Halloweens advantage over its adversaries is also bolstered by its ability to reinforce the economy – 1.6 billion dollars was spent on Halloween candy last year in the US. According to the National Retailers Association, approximately 2 billion dollars was spent on costumes. In addition, 1.7 Billion dollars will be spent on Halloween decorations in the US this year. Adding alcohol, food, party supplies, rentals and events to the list –  the total estimated flow of US Halloween Dollars is a staggering 9 Billion dollars.

As millions more people become infected with Hallowe’en fever around the globe each year, and the spending increases economic movement, opponents of the pagan holiday lose influence. The souls of the departed have emerged to repeatedly defy the conservative world order – and the ghosts of Hallowe’en continue to win.




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Child Abuser Priest Disgracefully Represents the “Blood of Christ”

Fr. Steve Whelan, as filmed in a documentary on “sacred wine” in front of St. Peter and Pauls church in San Francisco.

Protect Your Children

Fr. Steve Whelan was found liable for child molestation/rape by a court jury trial verdict. He is currently appearing in a film documentary as spokesperson for the SF catholic church, speaking about “Sacred wine” used as “The blood of Christ “ in mass. He is a  threat to innocent children in San Francisco. Out of all the priests in the USA to pick for a representative for “the blood of Christ”, the Diocese of San Francisco has allowed rapist Fr. Steve Whelan to be the speaker. This conduct is typical of the bishops of San Francisco.

You can view this predator disgracing the catholic church by speaking about the purity of sacred sacramental wine on this site:

Bishop Cordileone has done nothing so far to stop the film from being shown, nor has he disclosed to victims where Fr. Whelan is today.

If you have been victimized by this predator, or any catholic priest,

Contact the SF Police at:    415-564-3800

You may also contact:  Joey Piscitelli (child abuse victim of Fr. Whelan)

Joey Piscitelli -North California SNAP Director –  925-262-3699                                       

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$ 10,000 Reward RE: Possible SF Jesuit Cold Case

$ 10,000  REWARD

For credible information leading to the details of the murder of a sexually abused child near St. Ignatius Catholic Church in San Francisco during the early 1980’s. Several anonymous callers have contacted victims advocate Joey Piscitelli concerning allegations of sexual abuse misconduct by 2 or more catholic priests that reportedly led to the death of a young boy who was given a drink laced with alcohol and/or narcotics.

This information was turned over to San Francisco Homicide 2 years ago. There is no “statute of limitations” on murder. If you know of any incident of sexual misconduct by any priests at that time, or any time, whereas children were given “kool-aid” laced with controlled substances please contact the numbers below.

More than one victim has alleged complaints regarding the transfer of children for sexual purposes by Jesuit priests. More than one victim has alleged that he was given laced kool-aid by priest(s). The Department of Homeland Security has investigated the transfer of children in and out of the USA by Jesuit clergy.

If you know of any priests who traveled interstate, or intercontinental, who transferred children to and from San Francisco that were sexually abused by priests at or near the vicinity of 650 Parker Avenue, SF, or near  St. Ignatius catholic church, please contact the numbers below.

If you are a clergy sex abuse victim, or know of any children who were transferred interstate, or intercontinental by convicted Jesuit priest Fr. Donald McGuire, or any Jesuit priests, please contact the numbers below.


Dept. Homeland Security Investigations:  866-347-2423

San Francisco Police:  415-564-3800

Joey Piscitelli:  925-262-3699


For reward information please contact:

Child Sex Abuse Victims Advocate Joey Piscitelli:   925-262-3699

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Will Bishop Sal Cordileone Ever Admit He’s Gay?

Bishop cordileone image

    Probably not even if his gold sequined frock depended on it. The 56 year old gay-bashing political cleric, and self proclaimed warrior against gay marriage, will be installed in San Francisco as the most prominent Catholic Hierarchy figure in California, on October 4th, 2012. As several well populated Catholic Dioceses merge in California, Nevada, and Hawaii – the kingdom, the power, and the glory shall be Sals, amen.

   It is obviously not the best time for the Bishop to admit if he is a closeted gay cleric. It is additionally said to be obvious by many activists in the gay districts of the City, the words of William Shakespeare that proclaim the now altered phrase: “He doth protest too much”. Cordileone has been extremely vocal in his stance against gay equality in marriage, and he is the official key mouthpiece for the Catholic church in its rally opposing the LGBT community.

Bishop Sally”, as he has been nicknamed by some in the gay community of San Francisco, will also supervise the Dioceses of Oakland, Marin, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Stockton, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Hawaii.

That’s a lot of power to bestow on a man who was caught cruising while drunk in the San Diego college district on Saturday August 25th, shortly after midnight. The Bishop was driving with his 88 year old mother, and his “male friend”. When stopped at a sobriety check point by officer Mike McCullough, the illustrious Bishop blew over the legal limit, and was arrested. The Bishop has admitted the incident, and has offered the usual professionally orchestrated public apology used by other clerical figures who have been busted for similar shameful deeds.

    But apparently the more press-worthy suspicious details concerning the incident may have already been divinely cleansed by the damage control division of the Vatican. The sacrificial lamb may very well have shed its wool – to pull over the eyes of  public scrutiny.

   The original statement by the arresting officer reported that the male passenger cruising with Cordileone was “a young man”. This report was repeated by the San Diego news, and the press in San Francisco as well. What is puzzling is that the 88 year old mother of Cordileone was asked to drive the vehicle home in the wee hours of the morning, instead of the young man.

   This casts suspicion on Cordileones young male companions age, as the person who would have logically been asked to drive home by the police would have been a capable young man, and not an 88 year old woman. According to officers I interviewed, even if the male companion was from another state or country, and was licensed and old enough to drive, he would have been chosen to drive the vehicle – as opposed to the octogenarian mother of the Bishop.

   Adding exponentially to the suspiciousness of the incident, is the lightning quick response by the Catholic Church, (or some other invisible entity), to have all press reports that mentioned the “young male companion” retracted, and wiped clean off the internet, almost immediately. The Diocese of Oakland itself reported early on that the “young man” was a young seminarian; but changed its wording quickly to “a visiting older priest” from another country.

One has to wonder, if in fact the “male friend” was just an innocent visiting priest, then why has his identity been wiped off the radar? And why has the description of the male companion that was admitted to early on, changed so dramatically? And most importantly, the testament of an arresting officer in a drunk driving case is deemed credible; officer McCullough would have surely been accurate is his description of  viewing the young male passenger, as opposed to viewing a mature older adult. There is little doubt that the officer would have been that confused.

    The damage control on this incident has been so thorough, that all reports mentioning the “young male passenger” by the press have been eradicated. Google comes up empty handed when prompted for information that was first released by the press and the police concerning any mention of the young man.

   Skeptics of the Catholic Churches handling of the incident proclaim that maybe the answer to the question concerning the mysterious disappearance of the mention of the “young mans” identity is that possibly the young male was gay, or under-aged – or both.

   It would have been more prudent if the identity and age of the male passenger was known to the public immediately; there would have been no harm done to the man if he was merely a cleric who was traveling with a Bishop. The red flags in this case may be at a higher altitude than the Bishops golden tiara.

   As a clergy abuse victims advocate myself, I think the incident is alarming. It is alarming because the Bishop was abusing his own elderly mother. He was additionally placing other innocent people in harms way, including his nameless male companion. And it is most alarming because the Roman Catholic Hierarchy has a history of concealment, secrecy, and silence; and the suspicious erasure of the male companion casts a familiar doubt on the true facts concerning the incident.

   As Cordileone takes his throne this week, and continues his assault on the gay community, the reassembled words of Bill Shakespeare will surely and repetitiously continue to echo throughout the City; “The Bishop indeed doth protest too much”.















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