City of Oakland Removes Ten Commandments From Zoo Property

The City of Oakland, California removed a 6 foot high granite monument, “The Ten Commandments” today, July 25th, 2012.  A written demand to remove the monument from the City Zoo property was sent to the Oakland Mayor and City Officials by Joey Piscitelli, on behalf of numerous secular groups, on May 29th.

A protest and media event was scheduled for this coming Sunday, July 29th, and a massive demonstration was pending. Several dozen participants from the East Bay Atheists, and American Atheists Inc, were ready to picket the Zoo at 1 P.M. on Sunday. The Oakland Zoo officials released a statement Wednesday saying that “the activists had nothing to do with the decision to remove the Ten Commandments.”

But activists claim that the Citys’ statement is “obviously false”, and that the decision to remove the Christian symbol was based on the complaints, further pending public protests, and the repeated demand for the removal.

Piscitelli had originally sent a letter in 2008, asking the City to remove the Ten Commandments monument, which was placed in the landscaping in front of the “Snow Building” event center, on public Oakland Zoo property. The City did not respond to the first complaint. A second letter was sent to the City last month, and this time Piscitelli forwarded the letter to all City councilmen, representatives, and the City attorneys.

The granite symbol was perched on a garden slope, overlooking the bay and horizon, and it partially blocked the view of the SF Bay, and background horizon. The monument was placed on the property by the Zoo in 1965, after it was donated to the Zoo by the Fraternal Order of the Eagles. The Fraternal Order of Eagles embarked on a campaign to place religious symbolic dogma on public properties in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Several thousand of the Ten Commandment monuments were allowed to be placed on public properties throughout the USA, and those monuments have been the instigator of numerous protests and lawsuits throughout the country, many of which are still pending today.

Recent lawsuit and appeals court decisions on the matter of the removal of the same Ten Commandment monuments have resulted in different outcomes. In Texas, the monument was allowed to stay, in Kentucky, the court ordered the monument to be removed.

In a letter to Joey Piscitelli from the City of Oakland Attorney in June, the City had stated that the monument was legal and constitutional, according to the Supreme Court decision concerning the similar monument placed on the Texas property. Piscitelli argued that the Texas monument stood with several other placards and monuments, but the Oakland monument stood alone.

The East Bay Atheists stated that “the decision to remove the monument was a fair and wise decision”, and that “the City of Oakland is a diverse community which should respect the equality and beliefs of all citizens”. The group claims a victory for 1st Amendment rights, and a victory for freethinkers.


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Will Lynch Wins Trial – Let’s Not Call It “Vigilante Justice”

Lynch- abc news

The Will Lynch trial is over, and the verdict reached by the jury was not guilty on any charges at all. The jury of his 12 peers concluded Will Lynchs trial with a verdict they deemed was proper.  But let’s not call it “Vigilante Justice”, and we shouldn’t say we condone violence to correct violence.

That said, the California law statutes concerning child sexual abuse are a failure. Will Lynch was prosecuted for hitting the accused unconscionable child rapist Fr. Lindner, but the prosecutors, and the failed “pedophile-friendly” justice system in Santa Clara County – was totally useless to prosecute the accused agregious sex offender, Fr. Jerold Lindner.

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Why is Sandusky Guilty – Or Why is Benjamin Wiker Wanking?


The new article “Why is Sandusky Guilty”, written by Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Christian ideology book author, dated June 27th, 2012, is an advanced tribute to theological spin-doctoring, and ethical hypocrisy. In his ludicrous article, the Biblically saturated Wiker explains that the reason Sandusky was found guilty should be credited to Christianity, and its supposedly moral influence in history. And he further claims that the effect of  historic Christian principles led to the verdict against Sandusky.


The laws of the State of Pennsylvania, and the work done by the prosecutor led to the criminal conviction of Jerry Sandusky. There is no mention of Christianity, or any religion for that matter, in the guilty verdict decision.

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Salesians Escalate Pedophile Presence in California – 2012


The Salesians of San Francisco, who were previously disgraced by holding the record for accused, convicted and sued priests in the Bay Area and northern state, have been amping up the the presence of their infamous clan once again.

The “troubled order” as writer Ron Russel described the notorious Salesian province of San Francisco in the San Francisco Weekly in October of 2006 , were entangled in a web of accusations, shuffling, coverups and denial; resulting from decades of ping-ponging sex abusers back and forth from churches, camps, schools and retreats.

A record number of Salesian priests names appeared on the molestation radar, and the Salesian provincials and damage control personnel scrambled to mitigate and dissolve the negative press and lawsuits. But what they could not dissolve what was the truth.

There are at least 23 accused local Salesian sex abusers named; and they are either admitted, convicted, sued, or named for various sex crimes against children.

Some of the named sex offenders are: Fr. Larry Lorenzoni, Fr. Richard Presenti, Fr. Bernard Dabenne, Fr. Steve Whelan, Bro. Sal Billante, Bro. Jesse Dominguez, Fr. Jim Miani, Fr. Harold Danielson, Bro. Mark Epperson, Fr. Mario Blanco, Bro. Anthony Juarez, Bro. Ernie Martinez, Fr. Emanual Palayo, Fr. Juan Sanchez, Bro. John Verhart, Fr. Fleming, Fr. Al Mengon, Bro. John Vas, Bro. Ralph Murguia, Bro. Dan Pacheco, Fr. Gerald Wurtz, Mr. Sam Vitone, and Mr. Rick Bonds.

In 2006, the Salesians made headlines by placing 5 out of 6 priests who were accused or convicted on their authoritative staff at the S.F. Franklin Street Provincial headquarters, another staggering and embarrassing record.

Some of them were removed, and the Salesians defiantly bucked public scrutiny by maintaining positions for the other accused predators. But in 2008, the Salesians were forced to settle a 20 million dollar lawsuit in California for several of their local clergy. After a disastrous and humiliating attempt to win a court case in superior court to defend the nest of accused sex offenders, the decision to litigate the case blew up in their face.

Meanwhile, in the East Bay Area, the Salesians spent an estimated five million dollars fighting just one case alone for sex abuser pastor Fr. Steve Whelan, which lasted almost 6 years in litigation, and they lost by court jury trial. Fr. Whelan had been kept in ministry by Cardinal Levada, and had access to children at the St. Peter and Pauls grammar school in San Francisco the entire time. The Salesians appealed the lost court case several times, and lost the final appeal in High Appellate Court in late 2008.

Fast forward to the present time, and the Salesians are up to their old habits again, apparently forgetting the past, and the accused predators are gaining placement and notoriety as if nothing had ever happened.

As of July 1, 2012, the Salesian San Francisco Province now boasts the presence of 3 accused pedophiles on their website, still named as clergy, after they were named in  multi-million dollar suits that the Salesians have settled. Those clergy are: accused serial rapists Fr. Larry Lorenzoni, Fr. Gerald Wurtz, and Bro. Ernie Martinez.

Across town, at the infamous “house of the accused”, St. Peter and Pauls Church and grammar school, the Salesians boast the name of the Parochial Vicar – accused molester Fr. Harold Danielson.

Further south of the City, at Our Lady Help of Christians Parish, is the Pastor, Fr. Al Mengon, another Salesian priest who was named in court documents as an accused sex offender. Fr. Mengon also has the audacity to be listed as holding the position as a member of the Board of Directors at St. Francis Catholic High School.

But the most outrageous Salesian debauchery must certainly be the spokesperson chosen for the “blood of Christ” itself. Fr. Steve Whelan, whom I can personally say is a child rapist who was found liable by a court jury trial in a civil case, speaks for the purity of “sacramental wine” in a currently viewed tv documentary. The documentary lists Whelan as a Reverand, and is filmed at the St. Peter and Pauls Cathedral in San Francisco.

As I am the person who sued this child rapist and won the case, I can attest to the debased conduct of Whelan and his nest of pedophiles without reservation.

In conclusion, the number of accused Salesian rapists and child sex abusers now known to be back in positions in the local North Cal clergy arena is six.

Just like back in the “good old days.”

The Salesians have always been known to be record holders when it comes to boldness and placement of accused child predators, despite any public opinion of recklessness. And the Catholic hierarchy’s stance on this debauchery?

Probably, and historically – “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

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Will Lynch Trial Update– D.A. Takes Court Case Into Twilight Zone



Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone, is probably flipping in his grave.

This episode is entitled, “Perp-Priest-Pathological-Perjurer”.

The Will Lynch trial in San Jose has been transferred in the last two days into a delirious circus, thanks to the DA of Santa Clara County. Will Lynch, now 44, who was molested, raped and violated by the unconscionable Jesuit priest named Fr. Jerold Lindner when Will was 7 – is being prosecuted for slapping the demonic pedophile around for about half a minute in May of 2010. That’s roughly what the evidence amounts to. 

Obviously the wrong person is on trial; the child rapist should be prosecuted, not the victim who was devastated by the inhumane sociopathic monster.

The DA, Ms. Gemetti, has successfully taken the court and justice system into the Twilight Zone. I witnessed the first day of the trial as if I was on LSD laced with arsenic. Perhaps the court put that diabolical drug combo into the ventilation system.

Serial rapist molester Fr. Lindner, who makes Satan look like a saint, has a history that would drop a cast iron bull-elephant to his knees in horror. Lindner molested his 4 year old sister, sexually violated his niece and nephew, sodomized several children, and forced a 7 year old to copulate a 4 year old while he   “got -off ”. That’s just for starters.

I haven’t hit Lindners graphic sexual deviate list yet. Pardon me while I vomit.

But of course, Lindner is still a Jesuit priest; apparently he hasn’t committed any sex crimes that are considered  grievous enough for the Jesuits to defrock him. The Jesuits really know how to raise the bar for competition in the clergy abuse arena. Although he has had umpteen sex abuse lawsuits settlements paid for his insurmountable lechery;  Fr.  Lindner still basks in the Jesuit Los Gatos Hills and Winery Resort known as the “Sacred Heart Center”. But I’ll lay odds that Fr. Lindners sex abuse record will probably make that “Sacred Heart” go into sacred cardiac arrest.

But let’s take a trip further into the Twilight Zone court episode. Vicki Gemetti, the DA  – (Sacred Heart of Jesus bless her), had the audacity to play a video of Will Lynch describing the lascivious debaucheries Lindner committed upon him when he was a 7 year old boy. Good move Vicki. That’s a super way to open the minds of the jury. It’s also a good way to prevent any jurors from complaining that they want to have lunch.

But Ms. Icky, I mean Ms. Vicki, evidentally decided to one-up herself by telling the jury that the priest really did sodomize and violate Will and his 4 year old brother, and that Fr. Lindner will probably deny it, and lie and perjure himself on the stand. So, if you didn’t hate the priest enough; Vicki adds substantial repulsiveness to his personality, which was already into the negative range by exponential points.

Distributing barf bags to the jury would have been a good idea at this point, and the   perceptive DA actually made reference to the priests activities as stomach-turning herself. Her next perplexing move may have been a calculated attempt to insure that the jury was propelled into that previously mention warp zone; I honestly can’t think clearly enough to analyze her anymore.

But keep this in your memory – Fr. Lindner is her most important star witness. And there are many stars in the twilight zone; but none quite like Fr. Jerry.

Whatever the case, Ms. Vicki put the infamous pervert on the stand. Fr. Lindner told the jury how the defendant hit him in his tender face, and how much it hurt his Jesuit- filled holy head. But he boldly held back his tears, a testament to his imaginary courage, godliness, and spirituality. It was an inspirational moment that would have moved any Jesuit clergy rapist to pray in solidarity, admiration, and deep affection. The angels must have circled around the courtroom in confused holy splendor.

But inevitably, the story had to take took an even darker turn. Ms. Vicki asked the illustrious perv the question we were all anticipating.

Did you molest Will Lynch?”

No”, Lindner answered in a millisecond.

Did you molest his little brother?”

No”, Lindner answered in a tenth of a millisecond.

The courtroom was so silent, you could have heard a pin drop in a perp house. Perhaps Ms. Vicki should have told the key pivotal witness that she had predicted he would commit perjury, and he is not only a flaming debacle of  indecency personified; but also that perjury is a felony, and he was swimming in a cesspool of filth.

I don’t know if the judges eyes were rolling, or perhaps they had disappeared; anything can happen in the twilight zone.

After slapping myself out of he dazed stupor I had entered, I was awake enough to hear Will Lynchs defense attorney say the obvious; that the poisonous pervert-priest on the witness stand should consider having legal representation for his blatant perjury.

Needless to say, the judge went into the chambers with the lawyers, and the day was called to an end. We were all allowed to leave the twilight zone, and re-enter the planet earth.

So, to sum it up:

The DA  is prosecuting a devastated child abuse victim for merely slapping the unconscionable rapist who violated him, and she predicts her acknowledged rapist cleric witness will lie, commit felony perjury and portray himself as a detestable sociopath.

Then, to insure her prediction as accurate, she throws her own witness under the bus.

I imagine she did it so that she could tell the defense attorney for Will Lynch that she beat him to the punch; and then she will laugh and say “neener, neener”.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the court calender has scheduled the next episode of the twilight zone – “Perp-Priest-Pathological-Perjurer #2, to continue Monday, June 25th, 2012.






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Will Lynch Trial This Week – Justice: Where the Hell Are You?

Will Lynch at 7 yrs. old


A landmark event is scheduled to shake California this week, and it’s not the typical quake felt rumbling along the coast near Los Gatos. It is the trial of Will Lynch, a man who has trembled in agony himself for the last 37 years. Will was only 7 when he said he was violated by Fr. Jerold Lindner, the infamous Jesuit priest who has been responsible for millions of dollars of sex abuse settlement claims in the past decade.

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Mayor of Oakland Establishes Christian Religion Only at Public Zoo

Mayor Jean Quan



June 14, 2012

Joey Piscitelli

Martinez, Ca. 94553


City of Oakland and

Mayor Jean Quan

1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

Oakland, Ca. 94612


Oakland Zoo, and

East Bay Zoological Society

9777 Golf Links Road

Oakland, Ca. 94605

RE: Violation of 1st Amendment “Separation of Church and State”

Dear City of Oakland, Mayor Jean Quan, Oakland Zoo,

I have received your letter dated June 14th, 2012 in response to my letter to you dated May 26th, 2012, whereas I related to you my concerns that the religious monument that commands the public to adhere only to Christian laws is posted at the public zoo.

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Religion – “Whatever Floats Your (Symbolic) Boat?”


The best conversations I ever had concerning “religion” (and non-religion) were the peaceful and intellectual dialogues on the subject with my family doctor; who was a Catholic with admitted Christian principles. The interesting thing about the interchange of ideas and beliefs we discussed was the fact that I am Pagan; and I am on the conflictual side of biblical and christian inspired dogma. To escalate the previously mentioned exchange into the world of peculiarity; I am also considered a pagan witch – and an atheist. I can’t accurately speculate what Doc learned from me; but what I learned from him was that the “key” to the enigma of religious and non-religious doctrine that I was searching for – was ingrained in the concept of “symbolism”. I also learned that it is rare for two people of opposing religious views to amicably discuss significant differences in an entirely benevolent atmosphere; it will be an opportunity I will truly miss – and I will always reflect on it with satisfaction. You can’t be an atheist, and also a pagan witch”, a gay catholic priest once said hysterically to me. I had to process that quote at the time; before I offered him my response.

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Clergy Abuser Represents Church & Sacred Wine


San Antonio Winery – photo- La Times

Imagine turning on the television today, and viewing a documentary on a historical California winery on the screen produced by the California Bountiful Foundation. Now expand that thought, and picture the San Antonio Winery in Southern California, a landmark that has survived 75 years, and is commissioned by the Catholic Church to produce “Sacramental Wines” used in Holy Mass,  throughout the USA.

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Letter in Response to San Francisco Diocese -by Joey Piscitelli


San Francisco Diocese Cathedral

May 31, 2012

Joey Piscitelli

Martinez, Ca. 94553

John Norris

Dr. Renee Duffey

Bishop of San Francisco

Diocese of San Francisco

1 Peter Yorke Way

San Francisco, Ca.


RE: Response to your letter sent to me 5-31- 2012,

announcing new replacement of Diocese Victims Assistance Coordinator


San Francisco Diocese Professionals,

I am responding to a letter you e-mailed me today regarding the new replacement for a “Victim Assistance Coordinator” –  Dr. Renee Duffey. You state in your letter that:

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