Child Abuser Priest Disgracefully Represents the “Blood of Christ”

Fr. Steve Whelan, as filmed in a documentary on “sacred wine” in front of St. Peter and Pauls church in San Francisco.

Protect Your Children

Fr. Steve Whelan was found liable for child molestation/rape by a court jury trial verdict. He is currently appearing in a film documentary as spokesperson for the SF catholic church, speaking about “Sacred wine” used as “The blood of Christ “ in mass. He is a  threat to innocent children in San Francisco. Out of all the priests in the USA to pick for a representative for “the blood of Christ”, the Diocese of San Francisco has allowed rapist Fr. Steve Whelan to be the speaker. This conduct is typical of the bishops of San Francisco.

You can view this predator disgracing the catholic church by speaking about the purity of sacred sacramental wine on this site:

Bishop Cordileone has done nothing so far to stop the film from being shown, nor has he disclosed to victims where Fr. Whelan is today.

If you have been victimized by this predator, or any catholic priest,

Contact the SF Police at:    415-564-3800

You may also contact:  Joey Piscitelli (child abuse victim of Fr. Whelan)

Joey Piscitelli -North California SNAP Director –  925-262-3699                                       

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2 thoughts on “Child Abuser Priest Disgracefully Represents the “Blood of Christ”

  1. Those bishops are disgusting for allowing this but unfortunately it is not surprising. They have no moral compass and it seems that they don’t even notice when something they do is wrong and twisted.

  2. Sorry to be the one to bring the bad news but don’t be surprised if the Bishops cut a deal with the SF Archbishop to pull off their prank.

    The compass is weighted heavily on the side of evil. They know what they’re doing…no mistake involved. EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES…tee hee

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