Fox News Thrashes Pagans – Tucker Carlson Says: “Call Me A Bigot”


Tucker Carlson- Fox News


Fox News has arguably disgraced its claim on it’s logo that it is “Fair and balanced”. Tucker Carlson of Fox News publicly and boldly thrashed the Pagan and Wiccan community in a live telecast on February 17th, and stated boldly: “Call me a bigot”.

Carlson was discussing the University of Misouris decision to honor Pagan and Wiccan holidays, and he was apparently appalled that Pagan holidays are recognized by the university. Carlson mocked the Pagan religion for having too many holidays, and was joined in the rant by other Fox News journalists, including Tammy Bruce.

This latest “Witch-hunt” and public insult by Fox News has concerned many in the Pagan community, as the video clearly shows the telecasters had little or no respect for the practitioners of  Paganism, and Wiccans in particular. In addition, the newscasters at Fox displayed a callous disregard for religious equality, prompting outrage by offended and shocked students and practitioners alike.

Carlson stated that “any religion whos sacred day is Halloween can’t be taken seriously.” He then added, “ Call me a bigot”. He further stated “that every Wiccan I have ever known is a compulsive deep dungeons and dragons player, or is a middle aged twice-divorced older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife,” to which the Fox News correspondent added, “and who likes a lot of incense”.

After viewing the Fox News video of the anti-Pagan rant, I would certainly like to  join many other Pagans by obliging Mr. Tucker Carlson:

Yes, Tucker Carlson, you are indeed a bigot, and a very pompous obnoxious one at that – in every sense of the word.

During the clip, Carlson was adamant in adding that: “the bad side of Wiccanism is obviously that it is a form of Witchcraft”.

Fox News Tammy Bruce was also quoted in the report as stating that “Pagans and Wiccans are used… to downgrade what is important to a majority of Americans…. and this is an anti-tradition action …good luck doing that in any other country.”

This latest inaccurate and abrasive broadcast by Fox News has instigated the demands by many petitioners for apologies. However,  many of the observers claim that Fox News has maintained its arrogance, and expect that the network will undoubtedly dismiss the outcry as insignificant.














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  1. Why does worthless piece of shit still have a job? MSNBC got rid if this clown, not its
    fox’s turn.

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