Fr. Stephen Rossetti And St. Lukes Pedophile-Paradise

Fr. Rossetti -Catholic University of America

The recent articles by Fr. Stephen Rossetti PhD, such as “A New Phase of Child Protection”,  printed in the Washington Post on October 26th – are a lamentable  diversion. They are masking the historic truth about the systematic shielding of clergy pedophiles.

Rev. Rossetti, now a “clinical professor” at the Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C, had the insolence to state: “the steps taken in the last 30 years to prevent the devastating trauma of child sex abuse are making a difference”.

Rossetti of all people, should know better than to boast about clergy child abuse prevention. He was CEO at ground zero; the notorious St. Lukes Institute in Maryland – the Catholic treatment center victims have dubbed “Pedophile-Paradise”.

Ever since the clergy abuse scandal exploded years ago, countless observers have asked this question:

Why weren’t pedophile priests prosecuted and convicted?”

Perhaps they should ask Fr. Stephen Rossetti to open up his secret files for the answer. Dare him to reveal what took place while he was a psychological evaluator, and eventually the CEO at St. Lukes Institute from 1993 to 2009. St. Lukes Institute “treated” hundreds of clergy molesters; I found no records showing they were sent to prosecutors by Rossetti.

The reason why most pedophile priests were not convicted is simple – they weren’t turned in on time – or at all.

Many lawyers contend the transfer of clergy molesters to “treatment institutes” was a shrewd plan to stall or omit reporting clergy molesters to authorities timely; the statute of limitations to prosecute child abusers is only 7 years in many states.

One sordid example is the case of serial pedophile Fr. Donald McGuire. Although Jesuit officials had several documents supporting the complaints against McGuire for child molestation – McGuire was sent to St. Lukes  in 1993– instead of being turned in to police.

Fr. Rossetti, the clinical reporter of St. Lukes at the time, evaluated McGuire in a written report on May 25th, 1993. Rossetti admits that McGuire was a sex offender; but Rossetti failed in 1993 to warn unsuspecting parents, and did not turn McGuire in to police. McGuire left St. Lukes in June of 1993 unprosecuted.

Under the guise of labeling “child rape” as a “medical condition” instead of “sexual assault”, St. Lukes Institute enabled countless sex abusers to skate past the radar to escape justice.

Proof is on record: McGuire continued for years to travel unsupervised on a raping spree. Fr. McGuire was finally convicted in February 2009, only because of the efforts of the State Attorney of Wisconsin – irrespective of the shielding by St. Lukes. That conviction was 16 years after Rossetti knew McGuire was an abhorrent menace to children.

Where was the present mouthpiece Fr. Stephen Rossetti, his inflammatory ego, and his articles – when child rapists like McGuire left his facility to continue to molest innocent children then?

Clergy abuse victim “John Doe 29” knows very well what happened when Rossettis group failed to send rapists to prosecutors – and  “treated and released them” instead.

When asked for his comment on Rossetti and the St. Lukes Institute evaluation team, John said:

Fr. Rossettis self-awarded black belt in child sex abuse prevention should shamefully be forfeited – then burned in respect for all of the children like me who were raped by St. Lukes Catholic priest alumni.”

Rossetti was confronted on March 21st, 2012 by The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) victim advocates for answers. When asked why Rossetti didn’t turn McGuire in when he learned McGuire was a molester, Rossetti stated: “Child reporting statutes of Maryland did not allow one to break the law of medical confidentiality to report child sex abuse when it happened out of state”.

The State of Maryland Criminal Code 3-303 however, is specific; it lists felony child sexual offense as a “crime” and not as “a medical condition”. When SNAP advocates contacted the State of Maryland authorities on the issue in April 2012, they responded that:

A complaint in another state made by an individual for child rape by McGuire, or any pedophile, had nothing to do with the medical confidentiality law between McGuire and Rossetti in Maryland”.

Rossetti offered no comment as to why he did not have the wherewithal to simply refer McGuire back to the States that could prosecute McGuire for the crimes he committed there.

When confronted March 22, 2012, as to why McGuire was released after Rossetti learned of McGuires heinous record, Rossetti explained:

Fr. McGuire was evaluated at St. Lukes Institute for one week, but subsequently treated elsewhere. St. Luke Institute is not able to tell sending organizations what to do with their individuals, but it can make clinical recommendations. The team strongly recommended that he have no unsupervised ministry with young people”.

But Rossetti never mentioned recommending McGuire be turned over to authorities – as he should have. His “recommendations” were not made to legal authorities – they were forwarded to the Jesuits instead – who habitually did nothing to stop McGuire.

Why St. Lukes Institute is located in Maryland is also a subject of debate.

Child abuse advocates complain that St. Lukes Institute “treatments” were established in Maryland to shelter pedophiles, and to cunningly circumvent reporting of clergy crimes that were committed in other states. They additionally accuse the institute of conveniently enabling the dodging of legal responsibility by catholic officials – by deceptively labeling sex offenses as “medical problems” instead. St Lukes duplicitous strategy aided many sex offenders to escape criminal investigation; and the supervisors of the facility have successfully avoided accountability.

Rossetti and other educated PhDs must have had the capacity to understand that abusive priests that were being sent to catholic treatment institutes were able to escape justice  –  thus creating the ecclesiastical “Pedophiles Paradise”.

In Rossettis article, February 2012, “Responding Effectively to Child Sexual Abusers”, Rossetti reported figures of admitted sex offenses by only a portion of the priests (91) treated at St. Lukes Institute. The priests admitted to approximately 1375 incidences of sexual assault – none of which Rossetti said were sent to authorities for prosecution. The exact count of how many child sexual assaults that were committed by all the molester priests after they left Rossettis Institute is still unknown. Professional conservative estimates based on the prior reported figures exceed 4000; and no one at St. Lukes is being held accountable.

As Rossetti continues today to represent himself as an expert on child abuse issues, we  continue to witness the aftermath of clergy molesters who “visited” St. Lukes. Many of those atrocities may been prevented by “clinical professors” who now dismiss their past conduct without blinking – while they continue to write articles praising themselves.




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20 thoughts on “Fr. Stephen Rossetti And St. Lukes Pedophile-Paradise

  1. rossetti is no doubt a sickie whose primary goal is to conceal the truth about catholic clergy child rapists.

    Rossetti cares nothing about the safety of children or vulnerable adults. Hopefully someday soon, a stranger will walk up to him and punch him in the face. As for mcguire, he will probably be murdered in prison for screwing over his male boyfriends.,r:20,s:20,i:195&tx=60&ty=42

    like they say, lord hear my prayer! tee hee

  2. Thanks Joey.. “diversion” tactics are one of the most used tools of the jesuits and catholic church, politicians and all the rest of the cover up scam artists.
    David Icke the author. used to say if you want to know what is being covered up look in your newspaper for a hidden article on the back pages that would have been front page news had a “disaster” or some other scandal not just “happened”..

  3. When I experienced my “flash back” or more realistically my MELTDOWN about being abused by a priest in my deacon assignment, everyone said that St. Luke’s was the place to go. So I went. I went weekly for my therapy. After several months my therapist commented, “Jim, you are a breath of fresh air.” I took that to mean that her dealing with perpetrators all the time it was “different” dealing with a victim. I bantered that around and decided that perhaps St. Luke’s was NOt the best place for me to be receiving therapy, so I changed.

    Several months later I received a call from Steve Rosetti. I was expecting an apology for being denied a report that I had requested. Instead it was someting else. I could not believe my ears. I was asked if I still had faculties. I replied yes (at least in Boston.) I was then asked if I would consider being a CONFESSOR TO THEIR CLIENTS! I asked Steve if he really meant whaqt he was asking — me, a priest and VICTIM of clergy sexual abuse being a confessor to pedophile priests! Sure didn’t make sense in my book!

    Since that day I have questionned very seriously anything that I read about St. Luke’s.

  4. wow, James, I’m speechless…how much can a victim take???
    sorry to hear you were treated with such a lack of sensitivity.

  5. St. Luke’s was a revolving door. A priest on the lam in California was hiddden from the police at St. Luke’s. Staff lied and told the police he wasn’t there. The police found the offender hiding under a stair well. Read SLAYER OF THE SOUL by Rossetti. It is full of nonsense. The thing is Father Michael Peterson who (with Dr. Fred Berlin at Johns Hopkins) started St. Luke’s comforted pedophiles, counseled other clerical deviates and himself died of AIDS. My partner, Karen Berres, and I, in trying to help the community of Adelphi, Md keep St. Luke’s from moving there, kept the institute (not hospital) in court for over a year. We lost. The Prince Georges County Council gave them permission to relocate with the provision they report every priest offender in residence to the police. St. Luke’s suddenly started using a Montgomery County address. Obviously they were able to hoodwink Montgomery County into not reporting the priests from out of town “patients.” One of the priests Canice Connors and Rossetti had testify for St. Luke’s at zoning hearings was himself a molester of children.

    • Thanks Anne. It’s interesting that Rossetti is still able to spew his propaganda in the media, and continue to skate by the radar today. As far as reporting every priest to the police, they were able to use the “medical condition” to whick past authorities; and the Montgomery County officials were asleep.

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  7. What does this say about CUA? Does anyone do some kind of back ground check? On the other hand look at the Board of Trustees of CUA. All pro life bishops. Yea right. Whose life?

    • The catholic university eats up the publicity that Rossetti gets writing his articles that say the abuse crisis has improved; the faithful readers of those articles have the wool pulled over their eyes almost daily. The disgrace has been painted over for years, perhaps that is the improvement that Rossetti is realy referring to.

  8. Honestly, it is impossible to comprehend that Rosetti et al still think of themselves as priests. How can grown men who knew that these pedophiles were traipsing around children and kept quiet about it, how can they still believe they belong on altars?

    It is par for the course that Rossetti wanted Father Jim to hear these pedophiles’ confessions. Pedophile enablers like Rossetti have always used the confessional to guarantee silence. Have Father Pervert confess to a decent priest who might otherwise report his perversions, but the “seal” prevents him.

    To protect their child raping clerics Rossetti and his ilk have dragged all that is holy into the sewer with them and used the sacraments to do it. But at least we know it now. Their party is finally coming to an end, and only because of courageous souls like you, Joey, and you, Father Jim. Thank you both for your witness in protecting the least among us.


    • You are correct Augusta. Rossetti knew he had a pedophile harbor, and asking Fr. Jim to enhance that capabilty, by hearing confidential confessions would have increased St. Lukes protective shield.

  9. Friends:
    Since the Middle Ages the Roman Cath. Church has had a policy and internal laws forbidding the exposure of its priests to civil prosecution for ANY crimes. The idea has been to keep the secular state from using trumped up charges of crime in order to try, convict, imprison, or execute priests as a way of fighting the Church. Rossetti was simply following orders. We can see now how protecting priests from the consequences of their crimes has done immense harm. It has in the end left the Catholic Church down in the ditch with all 4 wheels off.

  10. I coined the phrase dysfunctional sex freaks to describe catholic clerics who rape and sodomize innocent children. I’d like to add Rossetti’s name to the list. Just another pompous catholic peice of crap who actually thinks his opinion means something. Nice job Joseph.

    I posted this on my facebook page along with your article.

    • Thank you so much Pastor Mike for being a loving and canirg twin brother to Doming! For Sandy being my sister. I love you both and miss you a lot..Thank you anak Vio for posting this blog.

  11. Joey, here’s my updated list of accused clerics with assignments in MN, ND & SD. Hopefully their names and assignments will empower those still in the shadows of silence.

    If anyone thinks the brightest and best religious order teachers were assigned to the Indian schools, we have a long way to go! [Clicking on the map filled with red dots is scary.] Bob

  12. Father Rossetti,
    I have listened to some of your video clips, and have read some of your articles.
    I do not believe the problem with priests molesting children has anything to do with the discipline of celibacy which so many people do believe this. We have numerous people in different vocations guilty of this same act.

    I am a Catholic who believes in optional celibacy. I believe we have many happy priests who embrace celibacy, but there are those who would like to marry. A calling to the priesthood is not always a calling to celibacy but is required to be ordained. At the time these young men are ordained they believe they can remain celibate, but after all, they are still men under the robe, and people do change as they grow through life experiences. Even you stated that priests do have their struggles because they are human.

    In visiting with other parishioners there are many who would be okay with married priests. Many of those parishioners feel a married priest would be more credible when talking about love, love in marriage, the family unit, etc. The priest can identify more clearly with the people. Seminary training IS NOT the same as the actual experience.

    I feel a real hypocrisy is going on in the Church. The Church is allowing priests/ministers from other churches to be ordained in the Church as a RC priest, but they won’t allow their current priests to marry. We have priests leaving the Church to marry only to be replaced with outsiders who are married. Would it not be better to allow those priests to marry, or young men coming in with the option than have them leave only to lend to the shortage of priests?

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