Mayor of Oakland Establishes Christian Religion Only at Public Zoo

Mayor Jean Quan



June 14, 2012

Joey Piscitelli

Martinez, Ca. 94553


City of Oakland and

Mayor Jean Quan

1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

Oakland, Ca. 94612


Oakland Zoo, and

East Bay Zoological Society

9777 Golf Links Road

Oakland, Ca. 94605

RE: Violation of 1st Amendment “Separation of Church and State”

Dear City of Oakland, Mayor Jean Quan, Oakland Zoo,

I have received your letter dated June 14th, 2012 in response to my letter to you dated May 26th, 2012, whereas I related to you my concerns that the religious monument that commands the public to adhere only to Christian laws is posted at the public zoo.

I understand by your letter that the City of Oakland clearly only condones the Christian doctrine. I think this is very unfortunate for all others who are denied freedom of speech for their choice of religious doctrine in the City zoo property.

In addition, in your letter to me you state that: “While we are sorry to hear of your  dislike for the monument….”

I would like to take this opportunity to correct you. I point out that my letter does not state that I “dislike the monument”. I am sure you are capable of reading my letter again, and you will see that no where in my letter I state that I “dislike the monument”.

The monument is actually constructed well, and the craftsmanship and design are commendable, I am a contractor myself, and I can appreciate good craftsmanship. So you are incorrect in your statement, and in your assumption. I do not dislike the actual monument.

What is wrong here is the obvious; that the Mayor of Oakland has established that Christianity is the one and only religion that is endorsed by the Oakland Zoo. I am sure that other citizens who visit the zoo are entitled to freedom of religion, despite the favoritism that the City endorses. Why the City of Oakland California would proselytize only Christian Commandments and icons is bewildering.

Your comparison to the religious laws monument in the State of Texas, is not applicable. Their display of several monuments of various types, is not a comparable scenario to the placement of the one and only monument you endorse in the zoo. Your comparison example that the Christian monument at the Oakland Public Zoo is posted to prevent juvenile delinquency is not only not applicable, it appears to be redundant.

It is truly shameful that the 1st Amendment is being shredded at the Oakland Public Zoo.


Joey Piscitelli – A citizen who believes in equality, and freedom of choice for all




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