“Politichristian” Platform – Romneys Real Downfall?

Mitt Romney-photo-AP-J.C. Hong

The republican analysts have all scattered by now, saturated with the realization that their Great Mormon Hope was overrated; the reasons why should presently be more than obvious. Shooda-cooda-wooda is no longer a useful program to upload; by now Romneys many roofs have all fallen on his many heads. Romney was even said to have been “shell-shocked”, and was reportedly preparing a victory speech without reservations.

The invasive bug that infiltrated the polls to attack the MITTster may have arguably evolved from the pulpit — aka — the “politichristian” influenced platform.

Politichristian — the word penned today by this author, has had it’s most memorable historic effect on the outcome of what could have been a very close presidential race in 2012.

According to Gallup Polls in December 2011, 78 % of Americans identify themselves with some kind of Christian religion. On the surface, that statistic appears to be a substantial weapon to incorporate with political strategy. However, what the Gallup religious polls didn’t explain was that modern “Christian religious identity” has become more selective than ever in the US. Many who identify themselves as “Christian”, theoretically with proverbial Christian Biblical values — arguably choose and interpret personally what those values really mean. Many simply omit biblical rules and regulations they personally do not practice or agree with — yet they still call themselves Christian. If in fact, that 78% of the estimated Christian population was spread across the voting board — and they had adhered strictly to Biblical doctrine — Romney may have won.

Key issues in point — Romneys stance on abortion, and/or womens choice, and gay marriage; (needless to add his Mormon/Christian views on atheism and freethinking).

But millions of Christians across the US are gay, and believe in pro-choice; despite what the Book says. Not only did the MITTster alienate a large voting population of the LGBT community, young women, atheists, and freethinkers; he most probably alienated millions who sympathize with those voters. Add to that list parents, relatives, friends, spouses, co-workers, advocates and supporters — and the politichristian platform influence crumbled when it came down to voters checking the box.

In contrast, Obama states he is Christian; however he supports gay rights, womens choice, etc, and does not flaunt the politichristian platform. If actions speak louder than words, Obamas Christian biblical interpretation, picking, and choosing may very well be in line with millions of neo-Christian observers today who have veered off the biblical highway. As Obama stated, “I think it is important that we not make faith alone a barometer of a persons worth, value, or character”.

Admittedly Romney alienated a good portion of Hispanic voters — even though they include a large percentage of Catholic-Christian adherents. But again, their Christian values may have been trumped for other Hispanic priorities; the proof is in the final outcome.

As his shell-shock wears off, Romney may or may not reconsider the politichristian platform; but many analysts will ultimately realize that there may be an advantage to leaving religion out of politics — as some very wise founding fathers suggested long ago.




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