Why is Sandusky Guilty – Or Why is Benjamin Wiker Wanking?


The new article “Why is Sandusky Guilty”, written by Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Christian ideology book author, dated June 27th, 2012, is an advanced tribute to theological spin-doctoring, and ethical hypocrisy. In his ludicrous article, the Biblically saturated Wiker explains that the reason Sandusky was found guilty should be credited to Christianity, and its supposedly moral influence in history. And he further claims that the effect of  historic Christian principles led to the verdict against Sandusky.


The laws of the State of Pennsylvania, and the work done by the prosecutor led to the criminal conviction of Jerry Sandusky. There is no mention of Christianity, or any religion for that matter, in the guilty verdict decision.

Wiker has a black belt in spinning secular law into Christian principles, and my opinion is that this latest attempt to deceive readers into eating sheep fodder disguised as moral principle, is just another convoluted endeavor to manipulate the awestruck with indoctrination. And also to promote his new book.

Wiker states, “ We still have minds, consciences, and hearts, and hence a legal system, historically formed by Christianity.”

Apparently the proselytizing Phd  may not have done any research into the history of Christianity. Perhaps he can start with the Bible itself, which condones in writing the killing of homosexuals, pagans, women and children, and many others.

No need to make references to biblical passages supporting this claim, there are over 2 million links to the articles quoting these passages on Google alone.

I support freedom of religion, but I do not support turning a blind eye to facts. And I do not support the blending of church and state. Doctor Wiker may want to investigate the validity of the facts himself. And he may want to read the 1st Ammendment.

Wiker further states, “to make the point even more pointed, no other attempted modern substitute for Christianity could find Sandusky guilty without surreptitiously borrowing from Christianity.”

Arguably needless to say, but well worth repeating anyway – nothing in the trial was borrowed from Christianity and its history. If its Wikers insinuation that the government should be merged with Christianity, as I think it is, “to make the point even more pointed,” – then doctor Wiker needs to see a witty doctor.

Wiker then goes on to fanatically thrash Darwin, Freud, Romans, Greeks, Pagans, psychologists, and many others who have nothing to do with Sandusky, or the applied US laws in the case. He even states that “democracy itself cannot rescue us”.

Note to Dr. Wiker: It was the democratic law and the court system you denigrate that found Sandusky guilty, and that democracy in action brought justice to the forefront for Sanduskys victims. Again, the Bible and Christian history was not entered as evidence in the case. And the defense did not introduce Darwinism, Freud, Greeks or Romans into the trial.

This may be a good time to educate the ranting fundamentalist-thinking Benny Wiker about more Christian history. I suggest he read: “The Chronicle of the Popes”, and other books concerning the history of church-politics, whereas the worlds leading church was merged and infused with the laws of the land. Most of the Pope-politicians referenced in books about the subject, were deeply involved with pedophilia, rape, killing, torturing, and anti-woman doctrine for well over a thousand years.

To add fuel to the fire here, I suggest Wiker quit mentally wanking, and investigate further the conduct of the largest Christian based church in the world – aka – the Catholic church. Wiker is the one who dredged up history here, so let’s indulge.

The Catholic church has a proven history of murder, mutilating, burning and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children for 1500 years. In the last 200 years, the Christian based Catholic church continued that sordid history; by sodomizing, raping, molesting, and sexually abusing hundreds of thousands of vulnerable kids.

The Church also intentionally shuffled known rapists, hid the crimes, covered up the debauchery, and denied the systematic criminal activity; until so many claims and lawsuits sprang forward that the church was forced to publicly admit the humiliating atrocities. There is no mention of any of this in Wikers article.

If there is any accurate historical background citations that are exactly comparable to the Sandusky story and trial, it is indeed the insurmountable reality and events that are attributed to the Catholic church, its hierarchy, and its complicit syndicate.

The recent conviction of Bishop Lynn in the same State of Pennsylvania, on the same day, for coverups and child endangerment for the exact crimes as Sandusky – is by far the best comparison. And the timing is both ironic, and eerie. But alas, there is still no mention of this concurrent legal precedent in Pennsylvania mentioned by Doc. Wiker.

Unfortunately, the apparent tunnel vision displayed by Wiker has rendered him unable to utter the slightest reference to this phenomenal global blotch in legally documented modern Christian history.

As Doc Benny ends his article criticizing the ancient Greeks and Romans, conveniently overlooking the obvious malicious conduct of the largest pedophile protecting syndicate in the world, which is blaring in the face of his PhD tattoo; I can say that I am not surprised.

Wikers last quote in his Sandusky article is, “Christianity is right…Sandusky is guilty”.

I can only add that Wiker needs to read fact based documents, the current news, court transcripts, and write as though his Doctorate is realistic.

Maybe then –  Wiker won’t seem so Wacky.









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