Will Lynch Trial This Week – Justice: Where the Hell Are You?

Will Lynch at 7 yrs. old


A landmark event is scheduled to shake California this week, and it’s not the typical quake felt rumbling along the coast near Los Gatos. It is the trial of Will Lynch, a man who has trembled in agony himself for the last 37 years. Will was only 7 when he said he was violated by Fr. Jerold Lindner, the infamous Jesuit priest who has been responsible for millions of dollars of sex abuse settlement claims in the past decade.

Will is accused of going to the home of  Fr. Lindner at the plush Los Gatos Estate called the Sacred Heart Retirement Center in May of 2010, where the serial accused rapist lives in luxury, overlooking a stunning vineyard and magnificent landscape. During that visit, Lynch admits he attacked and beat the Priest, and he states that he looks forward to his day in court. He is being represented by attorney Mark Geragos of Los Angeles. Lynch has refused to accept a plea bargain, and the DA’s office of Santa Clara is prosecuting Lynch in a court trial beginning on June 20th.

The Jesuit Sacred Heart Center is cynically referred to as the “Pedophiles Paradise” by sex abuse victims who have protested outside the courthouse this week; a stark reminder that the retreat location has housed many Jesuit sex molesters for decades.

BishopAccountabilty website lists several articles on Fr. Jerold Lindners trail of multiple accusations and egregious debauchery, beginning when the priest was just ten years old.

Why the cleric was allowed by the catholic church to enter the priesthood with this history, and then continue – is mind boggling. Fr. Lindners accusations record reads like a horror movie nightmare; he is said by his accusers to have raped and violated at least 12 very young children; ranging in age from 4 years old and up – including the priests younger four year old sister. Fr. Lindner is also accused of molesting his own niece and nephew, and the Jesuit Order of the Catholic church released the priest from a psychiatric treatment center for sex abusers after he was treated for being a predator. The priest was then accused of several repetitive molestations after his release, and the Jesuits continued to protect and shield him.

During a dramatic interview this week Lynch said: “I’ve always wanted the opportunity to bring truth into the light. I did it for compelling reasons. There’s a system here that’s broken.”

Lynch told reporters that Fr. Lindner raped him when he was 7, and then the priest made Lynch perform sex acts on his four year old brother, while the priest watched excitedly. He said that the priest then told him that if he said anything, or asked for help, the priest would retaliate by killing Lynchs baby sister.

Will Lynch tried to cut his own wrists as a young teen, burdened with guilt and shame, and the priest escaped prosecution because of the statute of limitations. Unfortunately, It is very common for Catholic priests to escape prosecution for child abuse and rape; more than 95% of accused clergy abusers have been successful in beating the statute of limitations.

What is particularly ludicrous about this case, is that the DA’s office in Santa Clara has never prosecuted the accused serial molester priest, despite the overwhelming claims by so many different “alleged’ victims for the last 50 years. The imbalance of justice, which is shamefully portrayed by the very people who are supposed to protect the most vulnerable humans in our society – innocent children; is baffling.

As Will Lynch is prosecuted, we witness the circus of misplaced authority figures setting an example of incongruous behavior; while victims of abuse and rape by clergy continue to suffer lifelong collateral effects, never to be vindicated.

Santa Clara County is a haven for Jesuit wealth and power, one merely has to enter the grounds of the University of Santa Clara, or the Sacred Heart Center, to observe the vast accumulation of the Jesuit Catholic empire. And this may very well be the motivation for the hammering of Will Lynch – the Jesuits of this county have hired numerous influential professors, doctors, FBI personnel, and others to be a part of their team.

Although it wasn’t the best idea for Lynch to slap the accused serial molester around, where was the adamant DA who prosecutes with a vengeance, when Fr. Lindner was breaking his own records”?

Perhaps the DA, Ms. Vicki Gemmetti, will be offered a job as a consultant for the Jesuits in the future; many other legal pros have – Dr. Kathleen McChesney of the FBI for instance. And the Jesuits pay very, very well. You have to ask yourself: who is really the victim here? Hopefully the jury will have a conscience that is fortified with a moral sense of true justice, and take notice of the historical dodging of the same by countless clergy child rapists, and the syndicate who protected, enabled, and shielded them for hundreds of years – with no accountability, remorse, or “fear of the Lord”.

At the Santa Clara Supreme Court this week, dozens of rape victims of the catholic church who come to suppport Will Lynch are asking, Justice – where the hell are you?”








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