Will Lynch Trial Update– D.A. Takes Court Case Into Twilight Zone



Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone, is probably flipping in his grave.

This episode is entitled, “Perp-Priest-Pathological-Perjurer”.

The Will Lynch trial in San Jose has been transferred in the last two days into a delirious circus, thanks to the DA of Santa Clara County. Will Lynch, now 44, who was molested, raped and violated by the unconscionable Jesuit priest named Fr. Jerold Lindner when Will was 7 – is being prosecuted for slapping the demonic pedophile around for about half a minute in May of 2010. That’s roughly what the evidence amounts to. 

Obviously the wrong person is on trial; the child rapist should be prosecuted, not the victim who was devastated by the inhumane sociopathic monster.

The DA, Ms. Gemetti, has successfully taken the court and justice system into the Twilight Zone. I witnessed the first day of the trial as if I was on LSD laced with arsenic. Perhaps the court put that diabolical drug combo into the ventilation system.

Serial rapist molester Fr. Lindner, who makes Satan look like a saint, has a history that would drop a cast iron bull-elephant to his knees in horror. Lindner molested his 4 year old sister, sexually violated his niece and nephew, sodomized several children, and forced a 7 year old to copulate a 4 year old while he   “got -off ”. That’s just for starters.

I haven’t hit Lindners graphic sexual deviate list yet. Pardon me while I vomit.

But of course, Lindner is still a Jesuit priest; apparently he hasn’t committed any sex crimes that are considered  grievous enough for the Jesuits to defrock him. The Jesuits really know how to raise the bar for competition in the clergy abuse arena. Although he has had umpteen sex abuse lawsuits settlements paid for his insurmountable lechery;  Fr.  Lindner still basks in the Jesuit Los Gatos Hills and Winery Resort known as the “Sacred Heart Center”. But I’ll lay odds that Fr. Lindners sex abuse record will probably make that “Sacred Heart” go into sacred cardiac arrest.

But let’s take a trip further into the Twilight Zone court episode. Vicki Gemetti, the DA  – (Sacred Heart of Jesus bless her), had the audacity to play a video of Will Lynch describing the lascivious debaucheries Lindner committed upon him when he was a 7 year old boy. Good move Vicki. That’s a super way to open the minds of the jury. It’s also a good way to prevent any jurors from complaining that they want to have lunch.

But Ms. Icky, I mean Ms. Vicki, evidentally decided to one-up herself by telling the jury that the priest really did sodomize and violate Will and his 4 year old brother, and that Fr. Lindner will probably deny it, and lie and perjure himself on the stand. So, if you didn’t hate the priest enough; Vicki adds substantial repulsiveness to his personality, which was already into the negative range by exponential points.

Distributing barf bags to the jury would have been a good idea at this point, and the   perceptive DA actually made reference to the priests activities as stomach-turning herself. Her next perplexing move may have been a calculated attempt to insure that the jury was propelled into that previously mention warp zone; I honestly can’t think clearly enough to analyze her anymore.

But keep this in your memory – Fr. Lindner is her most important star witness. And there are many stars in the twilight zone; but none quite like Fr. Jerry.

Whatever the case, Ms. Vicki put the infamous pervert on the stand. Fr. Lindner told the jury how the defendant hit him in his tender face, and how much it hurt his Jesuit- filled holy head. But he boldly held back his tears, a testament to his imaginary courage, godliness, and spirituality. It was an inspirational moment that would have moved any Jesuit clergy rapist to pray in solidarity, admiration, and deep affection. The angels must have circled around the courtroom in confused holy splendor.

But inevitably, the story had to take took an even darker turn. Ms. Vicki asked the illustrious perv the question we were all anticipating.

Did you molest Will Lynch?”

No”, Lindner answered in a millisecond.

Did you molest his little brother?”

No”, Lindner answered in a tenth of a millisecond.

The courtroom was so silent, you could have heard a pin drop in a perp house. Perhaps Ms. Vicki should have told the key pivotal witness that she had predicted he would commit perjury, and he is not only a flaming debacle of  indecency personified; but also that perjury is a felony, and he was swimming in a cesspool of filth.

I don’t know if the judges eyes were rolling, or perhaps they had disappeared; anything can happen in the twilight zone.

After slapping myself out of he dazed stupor I had entered, I was awake enough to hear Will Lynchs defense attorney say the obvious; that the poisonous pervert-priest on the witness stand should consider having legal representation for his blatant perjury.

Needless to say, the judge went into the chambers with the lawyers, and the day was called to an end. We were all allowed to leave the twilight zone, and re-enter the planet earth.

So, to sum it up:

The DA  is prosecuting a devastated child abuse victim for merely slapping the unconscionable rapist who violated him, and she predicts her acknowledged rapist cleric witness will lie, commit felony perjury and portray himself as a detestable sociopath.

Then, to insure her prediction as accurate, she throws her own witness under the bus.

I imagine she did it so that she could tell the defense attorney for Will Lynch that she beat him to the punch; and then she will laugh and say “neener, neener”.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the court calender has scheduled the next episode of the twilight zone – “Perp-Priest-Pathological-Perjurer #2, to continue Monday, June 25th, 2012.






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One thought on “Will Lynch Trial Update– D.A. Takes Court Case Into Twilight Zone

  1. 2/9/11


    Someone should ask this John McGarry, how many sexual abuse cases has California Province of the the Jesuit Order had to settle in the last 20 years? How many pedophiles have been expelled? How many more pedophiles is it still harboring?

    Thank you John for your all of your writing about the Will Lynch trial.

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